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2013 : An average cranberry harvest

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November 28, 2013,  Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, Quebec . Called together for a special general assembly, the grower members of the Quebec Cranberry Growers Association (ACPQ) voted in favor of volume control regulations for the 2014 crop in the goal of creating a balance between the supply and demand of cranberries in the North American market. Nevertheless, the implementation of this mechanism is conditional to a similar vote in favor of volume controls by American growers for their 2014 crop.

2013 : An average harvest

The Quebec Cranberry Growers Association (APCQ) is pleased to announce that the total cranberry harvest in Quebec for the 2013 season reached 162, 176, 427 pounds of fruit. This represents a decrease of 13% compared to 2012 despite an increase of 588 acres harvested over the previous year.

An average yield of 21,178 pounds per acre has been recorded for 2013, bringing the figures back to normal levels compared to 26,000 pounds per acre harvested in 2012, when record production levels were reached. The average 2013 yields represent a drop of 19% compared to 2012; however the 2013 crop corresponds to the 5-year average.

Conventionally-grown cranberries
The overall harvest for conventionally-grown cranberries reached a total of 143, 918, 168 pounds, thus a drop in production of 12% over 2012. Newly harvested acreage also jumped 8% between 2012 and 2013. Thus, the average yield per acre dropped 19% in a return to average levels of 22,000 pounds per acre.

Organically-grown cranberries

The Quebec harvest of organic cranberries totaled 18, 258, 259 pounds for 2013, representing a drop in production of 18% compared to 2012. The average yield per acre also diminished about 20% from 20,000 pounds per acre in 2012 to 16,000 pounds per acre in 2013.  Organic cranberries represent 15% of all cranberry production in Quebec.

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